Terms and Conditions


Commissioning work from WebFountain is deemed a contractual agreement between the client and WebFountain WebDesign

WebFountain charges

WebFountain Adhoc charges are £40.00 per hour to include all and any effort made on behalf of our clients, with a minimum charge for any one task of 1 hour. Project work, to include new builds and website redesign, is charged on a fixed-fee basis (whenever possible) based on a pre-agreed cost.

WebFountain reserves the right to amend the fee for website development if the requirements change from the original specification or the scope / size / complexity of the website changes during development

On all project work, fees are charged as follows: a non-refundable deposit 50% of the total in advance of any work (immediately upon commission), and 50% upon completion (and prior to any site launch). Work will not start on a new project without receipt of this deposit.

WebFountain expects payment by BACs, cheque, or cash on presentation of the invoice.

NB: WebFountain reserves the right to revisit any cost quote if late submission of content by the client results in allocated development time being wasted or unused.

Property rights / Reversion

Any print, web or associated work (including code, images and graphics) completed by WebFountain remains the property of WebFountain until paid for in full. WebFountain reserves the right to remove, unpublish or revert to original status any work that is not paid for in full.

Hosting charges

WebFountain will in all cases make a hosting recommendation, but the decision as to where and with whom to host rests with the client. Moreover, WebFountain does not take responsibility for any hosts performance, and does not guarantee any server “up-time”. All hosting contracts are subject to the chosen hosts’ terms and conditions.

Domain names

WebFountain will manage a clients’ domains for them and endeavour to maintain the registration and re-registration of a clients’ domains ongoing until instructed otherwise by the clients. We do so under the terms and conditions of the nominated domain registrar (our preferred registrar being NativeSpace), and WebFountain cannot be held responsible for domains being “lost” or becoming unregistered.


WebFountain will make recommendations regarding image usage and associated copyright infringements and permissions. However it remains the responsibility of the client to seek and acquire any required permissions and rights, and all material (both text and images) supplied by the client and used in the construction of the client’s web site, will remain the client’s property. All such material will be assumed to be the property of the client and free to use without fear of breach of copyright laws.

Web Browsers

All websites will be built to work best with the most popular current browsers. Whilst every effort will be made to check browser compatibility, WebFountain can take no responsibility for an individual’s PC or Mac browser settings.